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The Building Information Foundation RTS sr was established in 1972, when the Finnish Association of Architects gave the Foundation the RT Building Information File and Rakennusmestarien Keskusliitto (Central Association of Construction Engineers) the Helsinki Building Centre as basic capital.

The second oldest building centre in the world, the Helsinki Building Centre was founded in 1932 under the name of Permanent Building Products Exhibition. The RT File was first published in 1942 to fill the need for standardisation and guidelines for reconstruction caused by the war. Ever since, the Foundation has been responsible for drawing up guidelines for the construction sector and construction centre activities in Finland.

In 1974, the Foundation established Building Book Ltd, today known as Building Information Ltd., for its business operations. In accordance with the Building Information Foundation RTS's mission, the company was to publish books and information products and be in charge of the building products exhibition.

Below are the most important years in the history of Building Information and its products

1905 The publication of Rakennustaito (the Finnish Construction Magazine) begins
1917 The publication of Rakentajain kalenteri (Builder's Yearbook) begins
1932 The Helsinki Building Centre opened under the name of Permanent Building Products Exhibition
1942 The reconstruction office of the Finnish Association of Architects established on the initiative of the architect Alvar Aalto (known as the "Town Planning and Standardisation Organisation" as of 1947)
1942 The first RT Building Information File drawn up under the supervision of the Building Standards Committee, in cooperation with various oragnisations and experts.
1972 The Building Information Foundation RTS established by the Finnish Association of Architects and the Central Association of Construction Engineers.
1974 Building Book Ltd, currently Building Information Ltd, estanblished
1974 The publication of the Ratu Construction Productivity Information File begins
1982 The publication of the KH Property Management File begins
1986 The publication of the HEVAC Information File begins
Building Information expands to Estonia, Russia and Latvia
1996 Creation of tools that are in line with sustainable development, e.g., the creation and implementation of the Emission Classification of Building Materials
1997 Publication of the RT Building Information File on CD and partly on the Internet
2002 Building Information's anniversary year: 70th anniversary of the Helsinki Building Centre, 60th anniversary of the RT Building Information File, 30th anniversary of the Building Information Foundation RTS
Publication activities expand to cover six magazines
2004 RT Environmental Declaration Committee established
2005 100th anniversary of the Rakennustaito magazine
Publication of the SIT Interior Decorations Information File begins
Infra RYL 2006 Code of Building Practice - Infrastructure Handbook, part 1 was published
KH Net - Real Estate Management Files online service started
Online net services for HEVAC, RT, InfraRYL started and HEVAC specifications as CD-format was published
More online services were developed: RT Building specifications tool, SIT Net, Ratu Net (construction productivity file), Klara Net (calculation program)
General Property Management Quality Specification System 2009 was published
Organization structure was renewed
Three RYL-publications:
- RunkoRYL 2010 Code of Building Practice - Building frame and external envelope
- MaaRYL Code of Building Practice - Eartworks for building construction and
- InfraRYL 2010
RT Information Media service was launched
First e-book Builders´ Calendar was published
Infra Net online service started
MaalausRYL 2012 - Code of Painting Practice was renewed