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International cooperation

Information exchange across borders

Building Information works actively with international organisations in the industry, aiming to promote high-quality, sound building practices and achieve beneficial interaction.

Units in Tallinn and St.Petersburg

ET-INFOkeskuse AS in Tallinn, Estonia, and St.Petersburg Construction Centre Ltd in St. Petersburg, Russia, maintain building exhibitions, run bookshops and organise introductory events, training and seminars for construction professionals. Building Information is the majority owner of both companies.

UICB International Union of Building Centres

Building Information is strongly engaged in the activities of the International Union of Building Centres (UICB). The UICB was established in 1958 and its members - 20 members from 14 countries - promote construction information and act as experts of building product information in their own countries. Through the UICB, the members can offer their own customers a global perspective and concrete connections to an international construction information network.

Nordic Building Forum

The aim of the Nordic Building Forum is to encourage cooperation and networking within the building and real estate sector in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic Building Forum encompasses the entire building and construction sector, uniting all industry players. Established in 1927, the Forum's goal is to boost cooperation between organisations, companies and individuals as well as networking in the construction and property sectors. The Forum regularly organises conferences in its member countries.

Building Information is responsible for the secretarial duties of the Nordic Building Forum's Finnish section.

ICIS International Construction Information Society

Building Information also cooperates actively with the ICIS, the international umbrella association of organisations maintaining classifications and work specification instructions. The ICIS has 17 member organisations from 14 countries.

CIB International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction

Building Information is a corresponding member of the CIB, the international umbrella organisation of construction research institutes. The CIB was founded in 1953 to develop and facilitate international cooperation and the exchange of information between national research institutes operating in the construction sector. More than 5,000 industry experts participate in the CIB's activities through 500 member organisations.

IAI International Alliance for Interoperability

IAI is an international organisation that maintains the IFC product model standard (Industry Foundation Classes). The Finnish section, IAI Forum Finland, acts as the Foundation's standing committee, and Building Information is a member of IAI's Nordic Chapter through this committee work. The goal of IAI Forum Finland is to support the work in IAI, create IFCTM definitions, an interoperable product model standard for the AEC/FM industry, and promote the use of the IFCTM standard.