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Mission, values and vision

Improving building practices

Producing comprehensive construction information has been the guiding principle of our operations since the establishment of Building Information. It is our aim to promote good building practices and secure a good quality of life and a healthy environment for future generations as well.


We work to promote good town planning, building and property management practices by producing, developing and offering generally accepted, unbiased and up-to-date information for all industry players.

Building Information's values are

  • Reliability and impartiality
  • Expertise
  • Quality
  • Customer orientation

Extracts of Building Information's visions
  • The Finnish town planning, infrastructure, construction, building services and property sectors are well represented in the Building Information Foundation RTS.
  • Building Information plays a key role in developing and productising cooperation and interaction in the building sector.
  • Building Information is the leading provider of building information services and products in Finland, and a significant player in Finland's neighbouring regions. It serves the needs of its target groups throughout the life cycle of a building.
  • The operations have been expanded particularly with regard to community planning and the infrastructure and consumer sectors.
  • Through its international products and activities as well as its foreign building centres, Building Information has also embedded Finnish building practices and methods in Finland's neighbouring regions.