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Finnish Building Classification System

The general uses of the classification systems are related to design instructions, quality requirements and cost and consumption files, as well as the standardisation of quantity surveying and contract documents.

Talo 2000 (Building 2000) classification system

The Talo 2000 classification system is a national system created in collaboration between various construction industry players. It forms the foundation for the exchange of construction information for all parties.

The systems include, for example, the name of a structural or building component and the code with which the group can be identified. For example:
12 Building
121 Building structures to be demolished
122 Foundation and base floor
1221 Footing

Infra classification system

The Infra classification system for the entire infrastructure sector, created in connection with the InfraRYL project, contains several independent elements: end product classification, action classification, project element classification and building element classification. Production elements are specified in the quality measurement instructions.