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Information Files

RT Building Information File

The RT File is a rich source of information for the building industry regarding contract building, design, construction, repair, maintenance and building products. The versatile and comprehensive Building Information File is a common tool for all the participants in a building project - the builder, designer, contractor and building official - and is used regularly by 40,000 building professionals. The RT file includes standards, regulations and product files, an index, the RYL Handbooks (General Specifications for Construction Work) as well as the Building Products Index.

The RT File also contains information about interior decorations, premises, furniture, structures and materials that interior design professionals need in their day-to-day work. All key information for this sector can be found in three files: SIT Instructions (e.g., space planning, furniture, materials), SIT Regulations (e.g., National Building Code, Product Liability Act, Tobacco Act) and SIT Products (e.g., complementary building products, surface products, building equipment and furniture).

HEVAC Building Services Information File

The HEVAC File contains building engineering information concerning contract building, design, construction, repair and maintenance, as well as HEVAC products. The File contains standards, regulations and product files, as well as extracts from research results. It also contains the TalotekniikkaRYL Handbooks (General Specifications for Building Services).

Ratu Construction Productivity Information File

The Ratu File and the complementing Ratu Handbooks provide solid basic information on construction planning. The Ratu File contains information about work methods in line with good building practice, work and material requirements as well as information about planning and quality assurance. The information contained in the Ratu File, concerning both new building and renovation work, is based on observations and studies at actual work sites.

Ratu is a professional tool that describes how to construct and repair buildings in a systematic and safe manner. It standardises and improves work methods, provides guidance and ensures that your team will deliver the promised level of quality or service even if disturbances occur.

KH Property Management File

The KH File is designed for technical, financial and administrative property maintenance. It helps in anticipatory and systematic property maintenance and in making as economical decisions as possible to guarantee the users of a property a comfortable, healthy and safe living environment and activities.

The KH Property Management File is a tool for anticipatory and systematic property management aimed at property management professionals, property owners and designers. The KH File contains instructions for drafting contracts as well as for making and using a property survey and maintenance book. The File contains standards, regulations and product files, as well as extracts from research results and articles. It also contains books on quality management in real estate maintenance and a book about liabilities for repair costs in a housing corporation.

Rakennusalan työturvallisuus (Occupational Safety in Construction)

Rakennusalan työturvallisuus is a compilation of the most frequently needed information about onsite safety. It helps in dealing with matters of occupational safety in accordance with regulations and generally accepted practices. At present, the goal of occupational safety campaigns is zero accidents. This publication is an everyday tool for creating a safe work environment.