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Other digital products and network services

We develop and produce digital information for professionals for design, production and maintenance purposes. There are many high-quality programs that facilitate work and improve the efficiency of time and project management, cost estimation and control, drawing up building and work specifications as well as drawing up and maintaining maintenance manuals, to mention a few examples. Additional information about the above-mentioned products can be found below.

RT Cost Estimation Application

The application is designed for cost estimation in new building and renovation projects, construction cost estimation in the design and construction stages, comparison of the costs of work and materials with different structural solutions, calculation and comparison of tender prices, as well as controlling and monitoring the costs of a project. The program is ideally suited to cost estimation concerning single-family homes, terraced houses and small blocks of flats as well as industrial building. (Available only in Finnish.)

MaalausRYL (General Specifications and Finishing Systems for Painting Work)

An easy-to-use tool for drawing up painting work specifications, MaalausRYL contains finishing systems in accordance with the MaalausRYL 2013 Handbook. (Available only in Finnish.)

RT-rakennusselostus Net (RT Building Specification)

The RT-rakennusselostus Net is a tool enabling designers to draw up construction specifications in accordance with the Talo 90 (Building 90) or the Talo 2000 (Building 2000) classification system. The same material can be used to save and print specifications for various purposes, e.g., the parts of a building specification belonging to the same set of items to be acquired, complemented with work specifications and general instructions on purchasing, or specifications tailored for product-based contracting. (Available only in Finnish.)

RT Tuotetieto (Construction Products Information Service)

The RT Tuotetieto online service offers up-to-date information on construction products, including technical information, provided by manufacturers, on products, materials, equipment and services. It also contains an index of building products, which is the most extensive reference work published in Finland in this sector.


An image bank for designers, RT CAD enables electronic editing of details and their transfer to the designers' own drawings. It is a quick and modern additional service to be used together with the RT File, allowing space management to be taken into consideration at the design stage. Designers can use the details provided by the RT CAD image bank, making a compilation that fits their own projects. They can also obtain CAD images attached to an RT product file for their projects from the Internet and the RT File CD. (Available only in Finnish.)

Online shop

Our online shop sells Building Information's own publications as well as construction and interior design literature of other Finnish and foreign publishers. You can make your purchases at your leisure whenever it suits you. Purchases can be paid using Nordea's, OKO's or DanskeBank's etc. online banking service identifiers and Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

Customer support for digital products

Customer support is there to help you in the installation, use and utilisation of our products and Internet services. An email can easily solve many problems that may have occupied your mind. We want to make sure that the users get the most out of our products.

E-mails to the customer support: asiakastuki@rakennustieto.fi