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Our publications provide instructions for good design and building practices, aiming at solutions that are technically correct, cost-conscious implementation and guidelines that are in accordance with the law. We publish some 40 books per year in the fields of civil engineering, building design, town planning, architecture and legislation. We also have programs for cost estimation and project management. The information content is produced in Building Information or in cooperation with the government, organisations, companies and writers. Our range of English- and multilingual books on architecture are also available for international markets.

Professionals can annually obtain updated cost estimation publications and the Builders' Yearbook along with practical guidebooks, handbooks, research reports, textbooks and books on architecture. As for owner-builders, they can choose from a range of clearly written guidebooks on building, renovation, cost estimation and interior decoration.

In addition to books in Finnish, we also publish English-language architectural books for international markets. Rakennustieto is a unique publishing house, as it is the only Finnish publisher and worldwide distributor in the field of architecture. We want to spread information about our books on architecture, Finnish architects and Finnish design among readers worldwide. Alvar Aalto, indisputably Finland's best-known architect, inspires both writers and readers. This interest is reflected in our production, although contemporary Finnish architecture has an impressive forum as well. Please look at the book presentations in our online shop.

Current titles

A new book on Alvar Aalto Libraries will be presented in Freespace of Libraries seminar at Arsenale’s Teatro alle Tese, Venice on 21 Nov. 2018
The Finnish Pavilion’s seminar “Freespace of Libraries” is organised within the general “Meetings on Architecture” programme, organised by La Biennale di Venezia and curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara. Finland’s Mind-Building exhibition produced by Archinfo Finland explores the development of Finnish library architecture. The seminar will be concluded with launching the book Alvar Aalto Libraries. The book published by Rakennustieto Publishing will be presented by its authors Sirkkaliisa and Jari Jetsonen.

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New perspectives on Alvar Aalto’s foreign networks
Alvar Aalto (1898–1976) was one of the most internationally oriented Finns of all time. He was skilled in networking and established enduring contacts with colleagues around the world already in the 1920s. After 1929, when he first attended a CIAM congress, he built up a worldwide professional network. There were always foreign architects working in Aalto’s office, where he was happy to welcome guests from abroad. Aalto’s field of action encompassed almost the entire world: he lectured extensively, participated successfully in architectural competitions and received numerous awards and commissions from abroad. Since Aalto’s time, there has never been any real competition in Finland to his career abroad.

Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects: Works
The work of the contemporary Finnish architectural partnership of Ilmari Lahdelma and Rainer Mahlamäki arrives into international focus with the inauguration of their designs for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. LAHDELMA & MAHLAMÄKI ARCHITECTS: Works presents for the first time a survey of selected built work of the Lahdelma & Mahlamäki partnership, from their early work in the 1990s to the present day, introducing the quality of that work to a larger international audience.

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Alvar Aalto Architect – Paimio Sanatorium 1929–33. Volume 5
Immediately on its completion, the Paimio Sanatorium was heralded as an international success, and established the basis for Alvar Aalto’s reputation as one of the most notable modern architects in the world. The book takes the reader on a tour of Paimio.

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The Finnish Sauna - Design & Construction
The best of Finnish expertise in sauna design. The information it contains relies on a long tradition, practical experience that has developed over generations and which in recent decades has been complemented and updated by professionals in the field.
Available also in German.

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Alvar Aalto - What & When
Reference book on both Aalto’s implemented and unimplemented designs, compiled in chronological order according to year and alphabetical order according to locality. Each year starts with an introduction which describes Aalto’s trips, the people he met and significant events in his work and private life. Available also as e-book.

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Alvar Aalto: The Mark of The Hand - reviewed by Nicholas Ray
The latest book review of the book describing Aalto's architectural work and his working processes is published in
arq - architectural research quarterly -journal in December 2012 by Nicholas Ray.

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arq - architectural research quarterly
volume 16 - number 2 - 2012
Reviews - Nicholas Ray

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Encounters 2 explores new intellectual territories in regard to architecture

Architecture is fundamentally existential in its very essence, and it arises from existential experience and wisdom rather than intellectualized and formalized theories. We can only prepare ourselves for our work in architecture by developing a distinct sensitivity and awareness for architectural phenomena.”...

Encounters 1 considers "the task of architecture"

“Architecture frames human existential experience and provides a horizon of understanding. As architects, we do condition others’ lives; this definitively projects a decisive ethical dimension onto our work. Architecture also implies the significant allocation of collective resources—this is a serious responsibility...

Illustrated Building Dictionary Finnish-English-Finnish

The Illustrated Building Dictionary contains terminology used in architecture, construction history, styles and decorations, building technology, machinery and tools, materials and their treatment, urban and traffic planning, as well in transactions with authorities and the implementation of projects...

Bijoy Jain - Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award 2012

Rakennustieto is publishing now for the seventh time a monograph on the work of the architect awarded the international Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award. The 2012 winner is Indian architect...

Design Finland - Playing Cards

Ilmari Tapiovaara, Yrjö Kukkapuro, Kaj Frank, Tapio Wirkkala, Nanny Still, Vuokko Nurmesniemi and Hannu Kähönen have along with many others been significantly involved in creating the concept of Finnish design. They are not only great designers, many of them have also been inspiring teachers and role models for young designers. When discussing Finnish design they are unsurpassable, and now they are the kings, queens and jacks in a pack of playing cards. ...

Houses in Finland – Living close to nature

The book Houses in Finland presents 33 individually designed homes – each representing the Finnish dream of living close to nature. But how is such a dream realised? The Finnish climate requires buildings with technically excellent construction solutions, such as well insulated walls, triple glazing, and roofs that can take heavy snow loads. The houses presented in the book are thus all superbly functioning design solutions.

Houses in Finland is the most extensive book ever published presenting the architecture of Finnish single-family houses. It offers useful information and practical beauty for all those fascinated by such houses, for those dreaming of owning one, and for designers and students in the field of building.

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Hermann Kaufmann - Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award 2010

Rakennustieto is publishing now for the sixth time a monograph on the work of the architect awarded the international Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award. The 2010 winner is Austrian architect...

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Villas & Saunas in Finland – new, extended edition

An interest in the architecture of summer villas, their interiors and particularly energy saving and sustainable solutions is clearly on the increase. Villas and Saunas in Finland, first published in 2007, is now available in a new, extended edition. The new edition includes eight extra projects, featuring energy saving and low emission solutions for holiday home construction. The principles of ecological building have also been taken into consideration in the projects featured in the first edition of the book.

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Play Music -pack of cards
The theme of the Play Music playing cards is classical music. Decorative Clubs for the Baroque; clear-cut Diamonds for Vienna Classicism; Hearts, the symbol of love, for Romanticism; and dramatic Spades...
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Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg – Saving a Modern Masterpiece

This book presents architect Alvar Aalto’s famous library in Vyborg, Russia, and the international efforts since 1994 to restore it, and which represent exemplars in architectural history and the history of heritage conservation respectively.

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What's New in Finnish Architecture? - Newly Drawn

The book Newly Drawn presents nine Finnish architects offices that are achieving rising international recognition, as well the young architects who work there. How did they first start working together? How do they work together? What have they achieved so far? What do they expect of the future? Their careers are only just beginning, but several competition victories, honorary mentions and significant commissions show that the future is theirs.

Contemporary Finnish Concrete Architecture

Jussi Tiainen has skilfully captured in his photographs the versatile nature of concrete, its smoothness and coarseness, strength and sensitivity, hardness and softness, and light and shadow. For this book he has photographed the best of Finnish concrete architecture from recent years – 16 different buildings, ranging from public buildings to a single-family house, and from new buildings to remodelling projects.

Alvar Aalto "A Gentler Structure for Life"

A stylish classic presents Alvar Aalto's architecture by captivatingly beautiful photographs and fluent text.

The book presents 23 projects by Aalto from the 1920s onwards, ranging from private houses to public buildings.

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